Curriculum Designed to Develop Warriors

The Universal Soldier online curriculum is designed to create a paradigm shift toward a growth mindset and the tenacity to soldier on to overcome obstacles. Geared toward student athletes, this unique program benefits any individual looking to connect their talent and potential to a warrior’s mindset to achieve excellence. Because a Universal Soldier does not rise to the level of the occasion; a Universal Soldier rises to the level of their mental skills training.

Universal Soldier. Universal Message. Universal State of Mind. 

There’s a warrior within all of us. When you train to be a Universal Soldier, you will be equipped with a mental mindset trained to thrive in every environment. 


Group/Team Mental Training

Group training is also available for athletes who are looking for a more social approach to mental training. Groups will have a strong emphasis on mental skills, group discussions, problem solving and peer support.

The frequency and durations of group meetings will vary and depends on the needs of the group. A minimum of 6 athletes is required for group training. All groups will meet on Zoom. (Arrangements can be made if local)

Price: Contact for Pricing


Mental Skills Development Groups

Fundamentals – For those who are new to mental training and want to learn the basics such as goal setting, imagery, self-talk skills, stress management and building a pre-performance routine. 

This group may be comprised of several individual athletes looking to achieve a common goal or it could be members of an existing team who want to form a group of their own. This program includes assignments and materials. 

Price: Contact for Pricing

Leadership Groups-Course (Leaders Lead)

For athletes who wish to become stronger leaders for their teams. 

The focus of this group is to identify and develop personal leadership styles, how to lead by example, true leadership, conflict resolution strategies and much more. This group is ideal for clubs or schools who want to educate and strengthen the leadership within their respective environments. 

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Maintenance Packages

Maintenance package for renewing/returning clients!