Learn How To Marry Your Potential With

The Right Mentality!

We help elite student-athletes develop and practice mental skills that encourage individual growth & performance.

Ready to Transform?

Universal Soldier Academy develops healthy mental toughness and a focus to thrive in high-stress environments, from youth sports teams to professional corporate environments.

Are you ready to transform your mindset and turn obstacles into opportunities?

Common Reasons Athletes Seek Mental Skills Training:

  • Feeling stuck, or experiencing a lack of progress despite a strong physical effort • Lack of confidence
  • Negative self-talk
  • Lack of discipline/focus
  • Wanting to be perfect
  • Feeling overly anxious prior to or during competition
  • Performing well in practice and not in competition
  • Attitude and Effort issues
  • Getting too caught up in opponents, not able to focus on themselves • Over Thinking
  • Preparation for next level of training (high school, college, pro)
  •  Self-Sabotage

Become a Soldier

Student athletes, coaches, parents, corporate executives and beyond are learning how to marry their potential to the right mindset with our curriculum and coaching.

Learn by Doing – The Art of Transformation

Artesian Kirksey, author of The Art of Transformation, has translated his all-out approach to overcoming challenges and winning perspective into curriculum and coaching programs designed to build warriors determined to win, even in the midst of doubt.

Universal Soldier Academy

What Are Parents Saying?

“Coach Artesian has worked with our son through the Universal Soldier Curriculum and as parents we have noticed a remarkable shift in mind set with respect to his mental approach to competitive baseball.  Our son is learning to recover well from failure, take challenges as an opportunity for growth and change mental focus to see the positive in difficult aspects of training and the game.  He is learning to turn uncomfortable situations into a reason for further development. Our son will continue to progress as he moves through the curriculum and continues 1:1 sessions with Coach Artesian.”

What Are Parents Saying?

Coach A.K. has a way of putting life into perspective in the most down to earth, genuine way.  His words resonate with me each and every time.  Actually, they are never just words.  He ALWAYS has a message that I take with me and use repeatedly.  After hearing him speak of his two sons in relation to sports & mindset development I was intrigued, I too have a son, similar in age, and I felt like he needed to hear some of A.K.’s messages as well.  This is when I learned of the Universal Solider program.  I went online immediately and signed up for the course.  My son is just about to turn 9, but we are going through the units slowly.  My son tunes in to the videos and activities and the material gives us things to work on each week.  Right now, I am primarily focusing on the fixed vs growth mindset with my son and HE IS GETTING IT!  He is resistant, but I am planting the right seeds.  When a fixed mindset is present, I am able to ask the right questions and see a grin come across my sons face as he recognizes where his mind is and begins to change his thoughts into a growth mindset.  This is only the beginning, but I am THRILLED to say the least!  I know that I am providing my son such a gift at such a young age. I am grateful for this course and most definitely for A.K.!  His outlook, his approach, his communication, his messages….. everyone needs A.K. in their life!  TRUST ME!

New Client Pricing

Each package includes materials and assignments:

Maintenance Packages

Maintenance package for renewing/returning clients!


What can you expect to get out of working with a Mental Skills Coach?
First and foremost, clients can expect to get out what they put into it, just like anything else.

I specialize in helping elite athletes marry their potential to the right mentality. My unique approach is designed to give athletes the tools they need to create unshakable confidence while learning how to unlock their highest levels of performance, (consistently and effectively) while under pressure.

*We do not offer therapy or diagnose mental health issues*

Why Hire a Mental Skills Coach?
Many athletes have been trained to take the “physical reps” but have never been trained or developed to take “mental reps”.

Any athlete looking to take their performance to the next level by improving their focus, consistency, and overall outcomes would benefit from mental skills coaching. Likewise, those looking to separate themselves from the competition by gaining a competitive advantage would also benefit from this coaching.

Problems are inevitable and will emerge, mental skills training gives athletes the confidence to be proactive in making the necessary adjustments to become more solution-oriented.

How Much Does It Cost?
We offer multiple programs to fit the needs of our clientele.

Programs consisting of 1-on-1 sessions are the most personalized and in-depth.

Group sessions are more affordable and ideal for athletes who want to learn skills and develop with their peers.

We are confident that you will see the value in our services. If our services are not in your budget, please reach out to discuss alternative options at Artesian@universalsoldier.net

What Are Your Hours?
Artesian works by appointment only. Afternoon and evening appointments are available to meet the needs of our school-age athletes.
What Other Services Do You Offer?
  • Workshops for clubs, teams or groups
  • Parent education workshops
  • Keynote speaking
  • K-12, Higher Ed Consulting (Students,Faculty, Administrators)
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